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Values and Expectations

The core values of Mooroopna North Primary School are the 3Rs:

The staff at Mooroopna North Primary School pride themselves in being role models for our students, displaying the 3Rs at all times and behaving in the expected manner.


Like everything in our lives, from walking, reading and riding a bike, we need to be taught how. There is no exception for behaviours. These skills are also required to be taught. 

These lessons are a time to explicitly teach students the expected behaviours in 3 forms using the Matrix to focus on; the 3Rs, areas of the school and specific expectations.


These lessons will provide students with the background knowledge behind WHY we teach and use these skills and HOW to display these skills through games, activities and role play.


Staff monitor student behaviours and areas for improvement on a variety of levels; students as individuals, classes and whole school.


These observations will assist staff in determining focus areas for future lessons and also assist student in creating social skills goals with students for them to work towards improving.

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