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MNPS uses an explicit synthetic phonics approach to the teaching of Literacy. This approach to literacy is evidence-based, explicit, multisensory, and comprehensive.

ALL of our staff are fully trained in Little Learners Love Literacy Our teaching Principal is also trained in the Yoshimoto Dyslexia Orton-Gillingham Institute Approach.

Little Learners Love Literacy:

Little Learners Love Literacy is a clear and effective way of teaching reading by including 5 key components: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency practice, vocabulary and comprehension. Little Learners Love Literacy has been developed to do this in a simple, sequential, explicit, effective and engaging way. This is our first step in teaching students to decode and encode.

Spelling Mastery:

Spelling Mastery comprises of six levels of explicit instruction. Students learn further spelling skills through the program's blended approach to phonemic, whole word approach and morphemic. We utilise this program once students have mastered their LLLL sequences.

Literacy: Activities
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