Our Vision

Our Mission Statement

To create an environment which nurtures all individual’s emotional, social and academic potential so that they will contribute in a positive manner to an ever changing world.

To provide a dynamic learning environment that engage students and community to achieve their full potential through critical thinking, communication, citizenship, collaboration, creativity and character to become future, courageous leaders of a sustainable and global society.

Our Vision

Mooroopna North Primary School is a community where individuals are encouraged to live, learn and flourish in a learning environment where the dignity, respect, resilience and responsibility of each person is valued and personal excellence is celebrated. Mooroopna North Primary School endeavours to educate students to:

  • Be self-directed responsible life-long learners who have the confidence to take their own path and reach their full potential.

  • Be resilient and confident whilst maintaining a positive attitude to others.

  • Be responsible for their own actions.

  • Be empowered with the knowledge and skills to enact their right to feel safe and be safe.

  • Develop their knowledge and skills to live as an effective and contributing citizen.

  • Have a genuine care and respect for the environment.

Have respect for ourselves, others and the community.

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